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Never Leave Home or Office, Groups or Single Person, a “REAL CONSULT” for you!

Most Convenient, Face to Face, Thorough Written Analysis of your legal Issues

All academic and geographic areas of law.

Plaintiff/Defendant, Criminal Defendant, Petitioner/Respondent. Motion Practice.

We travel to or find and work with an attorney for you in all 67 Counties of Pennsylvania, 50, States, and several countries when the need arises:

Administrative Law: Professional Discipline, Workers Comp, Unemployment/Employer Law, Local, State, Federal Tax: Magistrate, Court of Common Pleas, Appellate Court: Pennsylvania Superior Court, Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court, Pennsylvania Supreme Court, Federal: Local District Court, Circuit Court of Appeals, Supreme Court.

Most thorough analysis of your case.

Do you have a case at all?

Is it provable?

Written CBA: Cost benefit, analysis, including at least 2 payment plans, 3 options, and begging phase only fee.

Written procedural and substantive findings & recommendations: estimate of success ranges, exit strategies, cost, case broken into phases.

Emergency beginning only, to buy you time: Preserving evidence, Statute of limitations!